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Welcome to Body Pod where I train people who take their health and fitness seriously. I train people who are willing to commit to themselves and want a programme of measured results.

I will help you choose the right trainer so that we can work together as a team, with your personal training & sports therapy goals at the centre.

My Passion

My passion for helping people enables them to discover and realise their hidden potential. In other words, it makes me happy when you are living a happy, active, full and pain free life.


My Approach

My approach to fitness mirrors my skill set. I use a balanced blend because I believe you are unique and your programme must be personal to you.

So, YES, I can help you get stronger and YES, I can help you trim down. Above all, however, I am driven by results: Firstly, I want to improve your overall fitness, health and well-being and secondly, I want to be a better trainer than I was yesterday.

So, why not come along to my FREE initial personal training & sports therapy consultation session to see how I can be the trainer for you?

Your fitness journey starts with this decision and I look forward to meeting you.

Use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page to schedule your session with me.


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what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“Working with Karen on my fitness and posture has been a life-changing experience. Having suffered with back pain for years, I visited several chiropractors and physiotherapists, but experienced no improvement. A friend suggested that I use a personal trainer and recommended Karen. After a postural assessment and a handful of sessions, Karen highlighted that my returning back pain was abnormal and urged me to visit my GP. I was eventually diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis – a form of arthritis that effects the spine. 

Post-diagnosis, Karen tailored my training programme around my condition. Thanks to Karen’s expertise, I have seen a huge improvement in my strength which has decreased my back pain. Without Karen’s knowledge and caring personality, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to push my doctor for my diagnosis”. 

Clare Kear

“As a runner and reluctant gym-goer, Karen has helped me to see the huge benefits of an expertly-crafted strength and conditioning regime.

With her help, I have improved my running, avoided injury and have a much deeper understanding of my body and my performance.

Karen brings deep technical knowledge and a reassuring, supportive, personal approach that are rare to find in a personal trainer”.

Simon Rawson

“I have worked as a Pilates teacher in Brighton for over 15 years and am fascinated, somewhat obsessed, by biomechanics.

For the last 3 years, Karen has been fundamental in taking my body to the next level in fitness. Sure, I have lost some weight but, more importantly to me, she has found my weaknesses, fixed an old snowboarding injury with sports massage, medical acupuncture and sports taping, and built strength and stability in key areas.

She also gets the very best out of me at every session, to the extent that I have now increased my PT sessions to twice a week and I 100% recommend her to you”.

Roger Horlock

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If you would like to schedule a FREE initial personal training & sports therapy consultation, or simply ask us a question, please send your details and a brief message to: 07909447714

or use the contact form below so we can get you booked in.

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